Congratulations on our company's participation in the 26th Shenzhen Home Furnishing Fair

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     On April 25, 2018, the 26th (International) Home Furnishings Fair was officially launched in Shenzhen. As a domestic special economic zone, Shenzhen's diversification of its smart products has become the largest and most comprehensive smart product in Asia and the world (gifts). ) Exhibitions, “Liangzhi Smart Products” After a long period of precipitation, the newly developed products successfully participated in the exhibition. As the leader of the smart glass products industry, Huize Glass Technology Co., Ltd., this exhibition, for the first time, the theme of “Let Smart Enter Life”, exhibited a series of recently developed products and showed the company's mature smart home products. It has received wide attention and recognition from peers and visitors.


“Smart" product display:

    This bright wisdom has created a full intelligent product model room, many live audiences can experience smart touch mirror technology, smart dimming glass, smart mirror, smart makeup mirror, smart bathroom mirror and so on.


    Among the buyers who came to watch the exhibition, there were many distributors, gift companies, trading companies and end customers. The company displayed high-quality, fashionable new smart mirror products on the booth, which was consistent with the exhibitors. Praise, many exhibitors and leave contact information to seek further cooperation with our company.

    Thanks to the customers for their recognition and support of our products, we look forward to seeing you again at the next exhibition!